Being a YES!Atlanta Committed Partner will enrich at least two lives!

To be a Committed Partner Mentor or a Tutor

BASIC QUALIFICATIONS: Enrolling as a volunteer Mentor and Tutor is easy. Coming from throughout our community, Mentors (who we call Committed Partners) may be male or female, and must be at least 19 years old. Everyone who works with the youth is interviewed first by one of staff and then must pass required local and state-mandated character screenings.

After qualification and training as a Committed Partner, you will be paired with a teenager based on your personalities and interests. Both of you are called "Committed Partner" because for the relationship to work you must both keep your promises to the other - remember that your youth may have grown up with little or no trust in adults.

AGREEMENTS:You will agree to meet face-to-face at least once a week at the regularly-scheduled meeting in the Juvenile Justice Building, 390 Pryor St. SW, for about 1-1/2 hours, plus a Saturday meeting once each month. You should communicate at other times by phone or social media. The close and trusting relationship that develops between you, during which most of the work of the program is done, may last a year or longer.

Committed Partners in the Coretta Scott King Young Women's Academy project must be female, and will meet with the girls at the school on Friday afternoons during the school year from 3:50 to 5 PM.

As a Tutor you will work with teens needing academic support from 5:30 to 7 PM on Mondays at the Juvenile Justice Center (see below).

All adult Committed Partners and Tutors gather from time to time to discuss issues that may have come up and to build teamwork.

Email to Dottie for Volunteer information

Meet our new class of Committed Partners

Shown above are some of the Committed Partner volunteers who just completed their one-day training, lead by Tony Coppage, kneeling in front.

It's this kind of loving, committed support by YES!Atlanta volunteers that helps set inner-city youth on course toward becoming fulfilled, productive and contributing members of their community.     Click here to see more profiles

Capable and committed volunteers are needed in a wide variety of other activities. Some of these include:

Board of Directors and Advisory Council Both consist of committed individuals who believe in and wish to support the work that we do with teens. Advisory Council members are persons who wish to be associated with us but whose schedule precludes full participation. A primary responsibility of both bodies is ensuring adequate funding of our programs through personal contributions as appropriate, and by opening the doors to possible funding sources throughout the community and elsewhere.

Special Skills or ideas We particularly need someone skilled in the Social Media. Do you have ideas about cooperating ventures with other youth-service organizations, or about ways of enhancing our effectiveness? Contact our Executive Director using the link below.

YES!Atlanta acknowledges and appreciates the commitment of the following volunteers

Kevin Dolby

Clara Wilcoxson

Kim Jones

Gordon Waller

Carmen Davis

Victoria Ward

Jeremy Sawyers

Sharline Moore

Rashad Stallings

Saskia Patterson

Kurtis Bush

Ariel Terrell

Joe Montgomery

Keith Walters

Alanna Mobley

Leland Buggie

Caren Dorsey

Melanie Baber

Steven E. Taylor

Matt Wynalda

Quin Christian

Al Shugart

Jennifer Strickland

Winston Wilson

Ken Schuckers

Michael Halpern

Scott Cullen

Kevin Campbell

Harold Hardnett

Christi Johnson

Xavier Lewis

Michael McFadden

Volunteer Information Meetings

Have questions? We have Volunteer Information meetings periodically. To register call Dottie Wimberly at (678)467-4743, or email her by clicking here

Email to Dottie Wimberly


As a "Committed Partner" mentor, you will provide support and encouragement as your youth works toward achieving the goals he or she chose for themselves upon enrolling into the Coaching for Success program. You will meet with your Committed Partner for an hour per week. Your commitment is for a year.


Maintain open and honest communication with those around you

Be certain you understand what you are agreeing to do

Always keep your commitments, but, if you don't, clean up the mess!

Ask for support if you need it and give it when you can

Contribute your suggestions and constructive criticism


Depending on your academic skills, Coaching for Success volunteer tutors work two hours per week - on Tuesdays at the Fulton County Juvenile Justice Building, 395 Pryor Street SW.


395 Pryor Street SW is easy to reach. From I-75/85 take Exit 246 (southbound, just past the turnoff to I-20) onto Fulton Street. Turn right (west), drive past one traffic light. The brick and glass Juvenile Justice Building will be on your right behind a big, free parking lot.

Interested in Volunteering?

Phone or email our Program Director, Dottie Wimberly


Email to Dottie Wimberly